That’s it. That’s our goal and our vision for the students at San Jose,three simple words that guide our process
in becoming mature disciples of Christ.


Before a teenager believes the right things, prays the right words, or acts the right way, we want them to know they can simply belong with us. Study after study shows the number one need in the life of a teenager is the need to belong somewhere and feel a part of a bigger community. We encourage teenagers to take their spiritual lives further, but we never require it. If a student simply wants to belong, we are happy to accommodate them and welcome them as a part of our group. Every student in Jacksonville can belong to the SJYG.


We think once a student belongs to our group and develops a true sense of spiritual community and family, they will begin to ask formational questions. Questions like: What’s different about this group? Why do they love each other like this?

With strong teaching and a foundation built on our weekly discipleship groups, we prayerfully expect a deep sense of belief and faith in Jesus Christ will sprout and grow at the core of their being.


Once students start to believe in Jesus, that’s when their actions start to change. For too long, we’ve gotten this process backwards. In the past, youth ministries have asked students to behave a specific way in the hopes they might believe and then they can belong to the group. At the SJYG, it’s the exact opposite. Only after years of discipleship and spiritual formation can we expect to see a change in attitude and behavior that starts to look more like Jesus. Until then, we are gracious to each other when our behavior and actions fall short of the call of Christ, for we know this last step is an ongoing process for even the most mature Christian.

Discipleship Groups

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Joining a discipleship group and committing to it for a year is one of the two most important things a student can do during their time in the SJYG (the other would be joining the Lunch Ladies ministry). Groups meet on Wednesday nights during class time. Students will have the opportunity to sit at a circular table with other students their own age for an entire year and form deep friendships. They will be guided by a trusted volunteer (or two) and get to know a few spiritually wise adults in the church. More importantly than getting to know other people is the opportunity to be known by other people in a deep and meaningful way. Groups will meet every week and will become the cornerstone of our students’ spiritual rhythm.

join the lunch ladies

The SJYG prides itself in being a youth group that actively seeks out newcomers to give them every opportunity to feel like they can truly belong to us. One of the hallmark ministries of our youth group is the Lunch Ladies ministry where we teach our teenagers to do pastoral care ministry; in essence, in Lunch Ladies we teach our students the importance of extending a hand of fellowship in an effort to help people belong.



We have a Bible class for the middle school and high school that meets in the teen room in the FLC.


We have our mid-week meeting in the teen room for worship, teaching,
and discipleship groups.

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Events & Community

Community is vital in the SJYG. In order to belong, you have to want to belong. That’s where fun comes into play.

In order to build toward a sense of community, our group enjoys special overnight trips as a way to build special memories and spend time together. Some of these annual trips include the Winterfest Conference in Gatlinburg, TN, retreats and weeks of church camp at Florida Bible Camp in Eustis, FL, Lipscomb IMPACT in Nashville, TN, the Sonquest Conference in Orlando, FL, and miscellaneous service and mystery trips scattered throughout our calendar.

Get to Know Corey The Youth Guy

Corey Stumne has been the youth minister for the SJYG for five years. He and his wife, Meghin, have been doing ministry together for over eight years. They are the proud parents of two young girls, Eden and Eila, and a golden retriever named Skye.

Corey has a passion for seeing faith come alive in students. He lives for “lightbulb moments”, where a teen suddenly understands Jesus in a new and profound way they didn’t before. His spiritual gifts fall in the areas of teaching and communicating. He’s at his best either during a late-night devotional on a trip or in the middle of one of his wild lock-ins.

When he isn’t doing youth ministry, you might find him doing a number of things: running his part-time tennis coaching business, writing, building forts, having imaginary tea time, smoking barbecued meats, speaking at a retreat or conference, reading an Eric Carle book, watching his favorite sports teams, or wandering the aisles of Barnes and Noble with is wife.

Corey would love to connect with you. Reach out to him at his email:

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