God has a better story for our lives!  When we find Him we’re excited to learn more about His Word, His plan, and most especially His Son, Jesus. Circle up is a small circle of 2-4 people who will gather together to peel back the fascinating layers of the Gospel story and our part in it. Circle up is designed for: (1) People seeking a first time relationship with Jesus and an understanding of Christianity, and (2) for new Christians or Christians looking to recommit their life to Christ and grow their faith with a guide along the way.

We believe it is very difficult to follow Jesus on our own, especially when you are just starting or revisiting your faith journey. The best way to understand God, and learn to follow Jesus is to find a small group to study and talk with. Learning more about the Bible is always good, but we also need one another to show us and encourage us to plant God's ways deeper into our everyday life. In a small circle you can ask questions, take your time, question things out loud, open up about your own story. In fact this is what we saw Jesus do with his apostles. Even though he had a group of 12 apostles, he had a small circle of just 3 others that he invited to learn from him more intimately.
We wrote our own study called The Way, for you to follow along with, for those just exploring Christianity for the first time. For those who know more about the Bible but are looking to recommit their life to Christ, we have a tool that we use called, Way Beyond that will help you take the steps to understand more, and live more like Jesus each day.

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Maybe you have a little bit of Bible knowledge and you want to know how to study with others, Great! We want to help you do just that. We offer training periodically to equip Christians to study the gospel with others. Fill out the form below and let us know you are interested. We will keep you in the loop.

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