We all connect in different ways

Here are a few of the ways you can connect

Getting Started

Getting started at a new Church can be difficult and not everyone wants to begin their church connections in the same place. Do you want to connect socially, spiritually, or in service?


There are a number of different ways to get to know people. We do our best to greet everyone when they attend our worship service, but it is a difficult place to form deeper relationships.  We have a number of different hobby groups, life groups, and classes that are good places to begin socially connecting. We are also happy to provide opportunities for you to get to know our staff/elders. Let us know in the form below if you want to connect socially.


Some of you, especially our introverts, don't mind skipping the small talk and getting right into the deeper more spiritual conversations. We would love to get to have deeper conversations and study together. Many of our members are trained to study with those new, returning, or established in their faith. We also have classes, and groups that will speed up your growth and connection to God.


Enough talk already, some of you may say... I want to serve and get my hands dirty right away! Great! There are wonderful opportunities to serve here at SJCC. There are many ways to pitch in through our different ministries and events, as well as through our connections with other organizations like Young Lives, or UCOM.

Grow Others

While we recognize that if you are new to SJCC you won't be leading others your first weekend here. However, if you stick with us, we want to equip you to be prepared and confident to grow others spiritually. That probably sounds very exciting or dreadfully intimidating depending on where you are in your spiritual journey. We firmly believe that God can use anyone to make disciples.

Communicate With Us

Let us know. We would love to help you get connected, but great relationships start with good communication. Fill out the form below  to let us know where you want to start.