San Jose Church of Christ is the sole supporter of
four churches in Nicaragua. The mission work started in 1999
and God has blessed the work in Nicaragua beyond our imagination. 

In 1999, The San Jose Church of Christ mission effort began by participating in a medical mission trip sponsored by the Latin American Missions. Our mission to Nicaragua began as medical aid, but later led to the ultimate mission of equipping men to grow God’s church. The vision we have for Nicaragua is to spread God’s word and to make disciples. We have seen much spiritual growth within not only the Nicaraguan communities we serve, but amongst our own members who have participated in these efforts as well.

In 2001, We set out on our own personally sponsored medical mission trip to Momotombo, Nicaragua where we partnered with a small church congregation and their preacher, Carlos Rugama. The church facility consisted of only a small pavilion and outdoor toilets which necessitated that we utilize tents and set up our clinic outdoors. A trip that was intended for a medical mission quickly became an evangelistic opportunity for the local community.
From 2003-2005, Our relationship with Carlos and the Momotombo church grew. We provided the church with funds to construct a church building, and we additionally began to partially support Carlos Rugama with a salary.

In 2007, We began to fully support Carlos so that he could dedicate his efforts full-time to the Momotombo church and community. The successfull growth of the Momotombo church led to a new opportunity to support the development of another church within the neighboring city of Malpaisillo. Now that a thriving church was located in Momotombo, the Momotombo church was asked to assume responsibility for the Malpaisillo effort. Antonio Gomez had become a strong leader within the Momotombo church and was eager to take on the challenge of growing the Malpaisillo church.
From 2008-2009, We purchased property and constructed a building for the church in Malpaisillo. We also added a classroom building to the existing facility in Momotombo. We continued to conduct medical mission trips in the summer.

From 2010-2011, A member, Guillermo Rodriguez, of the new church in Malpaisillo began evangelizing in his home town of Achuapa. Carlos and Antonio saw the need to plant a church there and convinced the missions committee to support Guillermo in that effort.
In 2012, We purchased property and constructed a small pavilion for the church to use in Achuapa. During the summer we held our medical mission in Achuapa, in a municipal building.

In 2014, Antonio Gomez, had been traveling each week from his home in Momotombo to Malpaisillo where he worked to grow the church. Needing a break, he decided to scale back slightly and, instead, be a resource that could serve all three congregations as needed. Gerson Bravo became the new full-time preacher, living in and serving the Malpaisillo community. Our summer mission efforts in Nicaragua transitioned from medical to evangelistic missions.
From 2015-2016, Our evangelistic efforts were focused on hosting seminars for the members of our congregations, and a proper building was constructed for the Achuapa church. The three churches in Momotombo, Malpaisillo, and Achuapa partnered with us to support the planting of a fourth church to be located in the neighboring city of El Sauce. Bismark Gonzales was selected by our Nicaraguan ministers as the person to lead the effort.

In 2017, during the summer mission trip, we visited houses in Momotombo. We helped reconstruct after recent earthquakes, held nightly devotionals in El Sauce, and participated in a joint worship service of all four congregations.
In 2018, Antonio Gomez assumed responsibility for the work in El Sauce. He was assisted by Napoleon Solis from the Malpaisillo church and Carlos’ younger son, Ezequiel. A large group of team members was scheduled to go to Nicaragua to repair damaged houses and participate in a joint youth rally from each church. Unfortunately, due to political turmoil our trip had to be cancelled and funds were sent in our place to help with the youth rally and small medical missions. Due to political unrest, the youth rally had to be cancelled, the small medical clinics were still held.

In 2019, San Jose provided more funds to continue the reconstruction of damaged homes and to also construct efficient and healthier wood-burning stoves in many homes. A small group from San Jose visited the Nicaraguan communities to see these projects and to meet the families served.

In 2020, Carlos Rugama visited the San Jose Church to thank us for our continued partnership, and to present to us the vision the ministry team in Nicaragua has developed for the growth of the church in El Sauce.

Active Missionaries

Carlos Rugama

Gerson Bravo

Guillermo Rodriguez

Antonio Gomez
El Sauce