Café Class

Life Happens

Teacher: Harold Adams
Topic: The Story of Jesus
Description: A ground-level look at the travels and interactions of Jesus during His short ministry on earth, from His birth to His resurrection to His promises to return for His people. The idea is that you and I will be in the crowds that go where He goes.
Meets in: Room 115/117 (Café)
Teacher: Derek Mountford
Topic: Spiritual Disciplines
Meets in: FLC Big Room


Chapel Class

Teacher: Mike Hott, Preston Bates, Roger Bailey, and Ed Yanis
Topic: The Life of David
Description: How Christians should interact with the world.
Meets in:  The Chapel

Ladies Class A

Teacher: Dana Roby / Amy Whitaker
Topic: Book of Mark
Meets in: FLC 201

Young Adult Class

Teacher: Various
Topic: Thessalonians
Meets in: Room 103

Ladies Class B

Teachers: Shannon Dearin / Stacey Oliver
Topic:  Jude
Description: Learn why Jude uses metaphors like waterless clouds and wild waves; what was going on in Jude’s time theologically and why it matters; why the warning passages can be a deep comfort to the believer; to appreciate new dimensions of your belonging in Christ. Get to know the oft-neglected voice of Jude, be comforted, and challenged in our faith, and build community as you gather with sisters in Christ and study His Word together in Keeping the Faith.
Meets in: Room 101


Tuesday Ladies

Teacher(s): Margaret Carter and Amy Whitaker
Topic: TBA
Meets: September - May