Life Happens

Teacher: Stephen Dearin
Topic: Progressive Christianity:
Coming to a church near you?
Meets in: FLC Big Room
Description: In recent years, Christianity has been affected by the Progressive movement to modernize and integrate itself into American churches. This shift has impacted many denominations and its effects can be seen throughout culture, helping to further polarize society. We will look at the Progressive movement’s history, signs, goals, and impacts on today’s Church in this study.

Chapel Class

Teacher: Derek Mountford
Meets in: Chapel
Description: Our country has a long and complicated history with Christianity. Since it’s founding, the United States has struggled with the role religion has in secular governance. Join us as we trace the influence Christianity had on our nation’s founding, examine the body of law that has developed over the years that impacted religious exercise, and survey the current state of affairs over the next several weeks.

Cafe Class

Teacher: Roger Bailey & Harold Adams
Topic: “GENESIS: Evolution and Creation.
Two Incompatible World Views.”
Meets in: Room 115/117 (Cafe)


Chapel Class

Teacher: Mike Hott / Don Mathis
Topic: Believe
Meets in: Chapel
Description: Living the Story of the Bible to become more like Jesus

Ladies Class

Teacher: Various Teachers
Topic: Truth Project
Meets in: FLC 201
Description: The relevance and importance of living the Biblical worldview in daily life. 

Outdoor Class

Teacher: Various Teachers
Topic: Living out our Identity in Jesus
Meets in: Outside under the Portico (moving indoors soon)
Description: Heard the famous St. Francis of Assisi quote? “Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary, use words.” It is a challenge for us to live the gospel with consistency and with actions, to let our lifestyle display the character, countenance, and message of Jesus. This series challenges us to study and apply the identity of Jesus in our lives at all times. Like a tattoo, His identity can be permanently inked on our lives and are not concealed or removed when we enter an environment that challenges our commitment to Christ.

College / Young
Adult Class

Teacher: Joel Singleton
Topic: "Acts"
Meets: FLC Big Room
Description: The book of Acts


Tuesday Ladies

Not Meeting During Covid-19