Calling all Disciple

The San Jose Church of Christ in Jacksonville FL is looking for a discipleship minister to help lead us further into disciple-making and community outreach.

The gospel flies best on the wings of relationships.

Relational Discipleship

Changing Lives with Jesus-Centered Relationships.


  • Radical reliance on the Holy Spirit marked by seasons of prayer and fasting.
  • Dedication and submission to King Jesus and the Word of God, with scripture being the primary means through which disciples teach, equip, and mature one another.
  • Uncommon unity among disciples cultivated by sharing time, resources, burdens, and following Jesus together.
  • Christ-like love for the community expressed by an outpouring of compassion and service to the lonely, confused and searching.
  • Commitment to the great commission and multiplication at all levels — devoted to making disciples, multiplying discipleship groups, sending missionaries, and planting churches.


  • To inspire, equip, and lead our church toward the mission of making disciples through Jesus-centered relationships.

Discipleship Minister Profile
  • The Discipleship Minister profile is someone who enjoys people and makes new connections easily. He should be familiar with different approaches to disciple-making and motivated to grow others through coaching, writing, and teaching. He is someone who is a life-long learner. He should possess gifts of evangelism and leadership.

  • Establishing and growing a long-term discipling relationship with our local community. Our focus is to provide meaningful relationships to the lonely and isolated in our community.
  • Recruiting, equipping, and multiplying disciples, discipleship groups and one-on-one studies.
  • Working with our Lead Minister to create content for a cohesive discipleship pathway for SJCC.

Recruit, Equip, & Multiply Discipleship Groups
  • Personally lead discipleship groups.
  • Oversee and champion the development of leaders who multiply disciples.
  • Interview prospective group leaders before annual group kick-off.
  • Partner with group leaders to identify and recruit apprentice leaders and begin development process.
  • Oversee the development of each group through the discipleship process. (moving from connection to maturity)
  • Monitor the health of each group.
  • Write / curate relevant group study and discussion content with the Lead Minister.

  • Start a recovery ministry that opens doors to disciple-making.
  • Lead a team of people who will help get SJCC members into the community.
  • Focus on reaching the lonely and isolated in our community.
  • Develop connections with local organizations / schools to open doors to disciple-making.

  • Occasionally teach in other learning environments. (e.g. classes, events, etc.)

San Jose Church of Christ Profile
  • The San Jose Church of Christ is a congregation of 400-450 people, with a pre-covid average attendance of 350. We are who are pursing the mission of “relational discipleship.” We have a great ministry team with 3 full-time ministers, two part-time ministers and two support staff. We are looking to add one more full-time person to the team! Over the last 5 years our church has added many young families who are all eager to serve in meaningful ways. SJCC is located in sunny Jacksonville, Florida, which is a large city with a friendly small town feel. It has plenty of city life, restaurants, and outdoor adventures.